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Development Consulting

Select the right facility for your market.
Understand your facility's potential financial performance.

In planning a new aquatics facility or substantial renovation, Lutra's development consulting services help our clients select the right type of facility for their market, and help them plan for the future with realistic forecasts of operating conditions.

Early in the planning stages, a Lutra feasibility study helps identify the local market's potential, the appropriate type of facility, and approximate expected financial performance. Later in the process, Lutra's detailed performance projections help finalize planning and secure funding from lenders and investors.

Lutra's projections of facility revenues and expenses are based on facility design, area demographics, existing large customers, usage patterns, and competing recreation facilities, along with our 30 years' experience in aquatics programming. Our analyses reflect revenue category conflicts, peak demand capacity constraints, and our knowledge of usage patterns throughout the day, week, and year, as well as important relationships between certain revenue streams and expense categories.

Lutra's development consulting services are available to owners, prospective operators, lenders, and investors.