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Lutra's expertise is rooted in the actual management of self-supporting aquatics facilities.

Cornerstone Aquatics Center, West Hartford, CT. Cornerstone is a three-pool indoor facility owned by the Town of West Hartford, Connecticut. Beginning with a 1950s-era single pool, West Hartford renovated and expanded the facility in 1991. From the completion of the renovation to present, the Town has contracted with one of Lutra Aquatics' sister companies (Aquatics For Life, Inc.) for the management of all aspects of the facility. For the past 18 years, Aquatics For Life, Inc. (AFL) has kept the facility open and available for use 95 hours per week, provided substantially discounted rates to Town residents, provided free pool space to the Town's four high school swim teams, and provided discounted pool space to two area youth swim programs. Under the management of AFL, Cornerstone's revenues have exceeded operating costs in every year but one. The Town of West Hartford has never paid AFL a management fee. In fact, just the opposite—over our 25-year history, AFL has returned to the Town more than $8.3 million in profit-sharing and utility & other expense reimbursements.

SwimCenter at Westminster School, Simsbury, CT. SwimCenter at Westminster School is a single-pool facility designed with competitive swimming in mind. The facility is owned by the Westminster School, a private college preparatory school. Since completion of the new facility in 2003, Westminster School has contracted with one of Lutra Aquatics' sister companies (Aquatics For Living LLC) for management of the facility. Aquatics For Living (AFL) has provided free pool space for the school's two swimming & diving teams, and free membership privileges to the school's entire faculty, staff, and student body—all at no cost to Westminster School. Westminster School has never paid AFL a management fee for its services, nor have they incurred unexpected costs associated with their facility.

SwimCenter One, Granby, CT. SwimCenter One was a two-pool facility constructed and operated by a Lutra principal. The facility provided exceptional aquatics services to the community, and paid property taxes, for 14 years. In every year of operation, revenues exceeded operating expenses. The facility was sold to a third-party in 2000. It is still in existence, with the pools in their original configuration, and still serves the community.